Sunday, December 10, 2017

My kids and I went to church this morning.  We don't go to church as much as we should.  The kids love being there and going.  Its never been an issue to get them up and to walk into church on Sunday mornings.  Our schedules are super busy with three kids playing sports, school, my work and anything in between.  I am sure most of you single mommies out there with kids can relate.  The days just do not have enough hours in them.

The message today was what is the meaning of Christmas.  What does Christmas mean to you.  To many of us it means gifts or maybe time with friends and family.  Maybe it is about Jesus to some as well.  I have always enjoyed Christmas.  I love to see the look in my children's eyes on Christmas morning and I love to have family and friends over to celebrate and be together.  Sometimes this time of the year is the only time I get to see some of my family members with our busy schedules.

He spoke and broke down the message today.  I can listen to this preacher preach about anything.  He can take three simple words and talk about it like it was nothing.  I started to reflect over the last year about all of the ups and downs my children and I have gone through.  The moves and the new jobs.  The income adjustments and just the day day to busy, non-stop going we do.  Sometimes I think about why my life didn't turn out differently or why it took another path then I always thought it should.  But then I look over at my thirteen year old boy and realize he is not so young.  He is looking more and more like a man on a daily basis and I am not ready for him to grow up.  I am grateful for my three kids.  They are my rock!

You see, I don't like the silence.  At least I didn't think I did.  For probably the last six or seven years I have been going non-stop,  From sun up to sun down.  I haven't really stopped and breathed and listened.  I haven't really looked around me and realized just how lucky I am.

One thing pastor Morris said today was that Jesus died on the cross because he wanted our sins to be forgiven.  The devil can no longer destroy who we are.  WE can destroy who we are.  We are our biggest critics.  We let our minds take control sometimes over what we know in our hearts is the right things to do, think or say.  We don't stop and take the time to enjoy every single bit of our lives, including the quiet times.

I use to always think that I wasn't happy unless I was going and doing something all the time.  As I have become a little older all I want is that quiet time to watch my kids play basketball outside or sit and lay their heads on my shoulder while watching a movie.  I love to see how they interact and play with their own friends and how so very smart and talented they are.

Many people have asked me if I "regret" things I have done in my life.  Regret is a strong word.  When most people think about regret they think that they shouldn't have done something.  Maybe they regret stealing that piece of candy out of the store.  But if you really look at what regret means you will see that it means one feels sad or disappointed over something they have done especially a loss or missed opportunity.

I dont regret the things I have done in my life. I may feel saddened or disappointed about some of them.  Thats how we learn and grow.  Thats how we understand what we want and need in this life.  Thats how we know we wake up every day and do the absolute best we can do.

I am proud of the women I am today because I went through one hell of a time becoming her.

As we go through Christmas, slow down, take your time.  Watch your kids and love them.  Get up a little early and sit in the quiet outside in the morning and reflect.  Talk to God and learn to listen to him.  Its lonely when you forget how to hear God.  Don't loose that relationship with him.

And most of all, be proud of yourself.

There are no rule books on life.  Its tough. But hold your head high and remember that Jesus went through everything you may be going through today.

Merry Christmas!

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