Monday, September 11, 2017

2016 is in the Books

Wow, 2016 has flown by.  The years seem to get shorter and days seem to fly by.  Its been a busy year.  There has been a lot of hard times, but there has been a lot of positive as well.  I feel like the kids and I have come out of the hard times on top and are looking forward to the new year.

Here is a look back at my sweet sweet babies and how they have grown up way to fast.

There were a lot of accomplishments this year.  Three kiddos turned one year older. And of course, we spent many, many days and nights at the baseball and soccer fields. 

Troy graduated from elementary school.  He however still thinks his mommy is cool. 

We spent some of our summer nights at my favorite spot in the world.  Hoping this next year brings us even more time here with family and friends. 

And just like that.  I have a 6th grader (which is middle school), 3rd grader and a 2nd grader.  

And Troy at the age of 12, shot his first dear with his daddy.  I believe it was a nine point.  This is something he will remember for the rest of his life.  Him and his dad experienced this together and he could not be more proud of Troy.  

Even though this year has brought some major challenges, I am the most proud of these three above.  They are my drive, my life and my whole heart.  Without them my life would not be complete.  

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