Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How Do Kids See God?

God has been the talk in our house lately.  My kiddos recently went to Vacation Bible School at the church in our town.  They have asked a ton of very in depth questions about God and Jesus as well as the differences.

My oldest is very smart and    knowledgeable about the bible.  He knows more about the stories and the deep thoughts then I ever did at that age.  On Wednesday of last week, Troy my oldest said "mommy, I think I want to get saved."  And I was excited by this conversation.  I asked him of course why he wanted to make this decision for himself and he at first didn't really have a clear answer as to why. 

"Troy, you need to understand why you want to be saved before you make a decision like that," I   responded back.  He then said that its because he wants to accept Jesus into his heart. 

This was a much better answer than the first and it warmed my heart. 

I was in about the seventh grade when I decided to get saved, so him really understanding and being able to explain it to me at the ago of ten is awesome. 

The next day, he returned from Vacation Bible School and told me he made the decision to get saved today.  I was beyond excited for him. 

We then discussed being baptized some and I explained to him it was not something he had to run off and do right away.  Being baptized too is a huge decision and he needs to make sure he is ready for that when he decides. 

What warms my heart about this is God has always been in our home and our family.  My children have always attended mother's day out and pre-k at this church in our town.  They have always known that God is important and needs to be in our lives, but knowing that my oldest son who is only ten years of age understands Jesus and his word to the point he wants to accept him into his life fills my heart with Joy. 

There is still a ton they do not understand, especially the two youngest children.  But being a parent is tough.  There are a lot of decisions I have made lately that I have struggled with.  Now knowing that I have done something right in their lives is so very rewarding to as well as a reminder. Not only is having God in their lives so important, them understanding why its important themselves is one of the biggest accomplishments a parents can have. 

The two youngest ones will become more knowledgeable with time just like their big brother has.  But as for now, Wyatt will continue to pray for cheese burgers raining from the sky.