Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life is Moving To Fast These Days

Sometimes life is funny.  Sometimes what you think is going to happen in your life suddenly takes a crazy turn of events.

It has been a while since I have posted on here.  Life gets in the way.  Its doesn't seem to slow up at all for anything.  We all seem to get caught up in life.  Maybe we don't slow down for the important things or maybe we miss the important things because we are just so caught up in the unimportant things.

If its one thing that I have learned in this life is that my kiddos are my life.  My kids teach me so much every single day on this earth.  They teach me how to be strong, courageous, loving, caring, funny and they prevent me from never giving up on life itself.

These three kids love me unconditionally because I am there mom.  I may mess up or make mistakes but they love me because I am special to them.  They each have such different personalities.  

Troy is strong and stubborn.  He is a lot like myself.  I see a lot of Troy in me.  He is strong willed and tough.  He is so very smart and doesn't ever want to give up.  He has come such a long way in school.  It has not been easy for him by any means but he gives it his all most of the time and pushes through.  If he keeps pushing through he will do great things in his life time when he gets older.  I always say how awesome he is at baseball.  Maybe I am biased, but when he is out there on that field its just so natural to him.  

Gracie is so very smart.  It just comes so easy to her.  School was never super easy to me like it is her.  She contemplates things at her age that I never dreamed of.  She loves her brothers with all of her heart and they mean the world to her.  She is athletic and strong.  She never gives up and she always pushes through.  I love watching everything she does.  It makes me proud to call her my daughter.  

Wyatt is something else.  I always give him a hard time about his attitude or the way he handles situations.  But lets be real here, he is my baby boy.  I was looking at videos of him the other day and he was just so sweat.  That smile of his would melt anyones heart and then some.  He is very loving and just wants to do everything correctly.  When he gets in trouble and I'm disappointed he is disappointed in himself.  He wants to be just like his older brother and looks up to him in every way possible.