Monday, September 9, 2013

My son teaches me more about Baseball than I Ever Imagined.

If its one thing that I have learned through several seasons of baseball already with my now nine year old son, is that baseball comes with A LOT of drama.  We have been dealt our hand of bad teams with bad coaching, but we have also had some okay teams with some great coaching.  Troy has learned a lot already and he amazes me at how much he loves the game of baseball already at his young age.  This fall we are on the Texas Rampage Elite Team.  Its a new team, so with that comes some much needed learning from all players and so forming as a team.  

This season is also the very first year of kid pitch.  I cannot hardly believe that he is already in kid pitch and after watching the first two kid pitch games yesterday I have to say, I am missing coach pitch.... just a little bit.  Look at this stud right here. 

He had some adjusting to batting against a real pitcher actually trying to get you out and he was a little nervous I think... even though he would never tell me he was. 

There was a lot of base running and stealing which none of these boys are use to, but that part was so exciting to watch.  

And he did finally get the hang of batting against a real live pitcher.  He struck out his first at bat but then got on base every time after, so I think he is starting to feel a little bit better about everything. 

And then there came the pitching.  I knew during one of these two games he would pitch but I think I was more nervous for him then he was.  

He has been seeing a pitching coach for most of the summer and he has really been doing great with it. I thought the pressure of being a pitcher was to much for Troy because he wants to be perfect at everything he does, but he seemed to handle it well.  He didn't like being pulled out, but that is the name of the game.

He did so awesome.  I was truly proud of him. e had two strike outs and had no wild pitches.  All of his pitches were either strikes, outside or inside a little, but never had a wild pitch.  

He was truly amazing.  I was so proud of him and how well he was doing.  

One thing that I have learned from watching my son play baseball since he was so little at the age of three, is that baseball should not be a competition between parents for the best spot on the team.  As a parent its hard to not get wrapped up in wanting your child to be on the best team, with the best coaches and the best players, with the best winning record.  But I am okay with my son not being the best baseball player.  He is an awesome player, he has some flaws, but more importantly he is having fun and learning more and more about the love of the game.  He reminds me so much of the player I was when I was younger and I just hope that he plays many more years to come, but more importantly I love to see him doing what he loves and that's playing baseball.  

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