Sunday, January 20, 2013

Work From Home: She How She Did It Successfully

People are always looking for ways to work from home and I have found the perfect solution for those of you that are interested in this.  Working from home has so many perks.  Being able to stay at home with your kiddos while they are young is one of the biggest for me.  Being involved in your children's schools and even starting a side business are always perks at staying at home.  

Work at home jobs are hard to come by.  Well, true real work from home jobs.  There are many different scams out there but finding the one that works and you can be successful doing it I have found. 

I met Carrie through my sister-in-law and she is part of this wonderful working from home type business.  She is a mom to four children and has a Masters Degree in Reading Education.  She decided to give up being a teacher to stay at home with her kiddos like many people do.  After she decided to stay at home they found themselves in debt and struggling and she knew she needed to find some type of income to help.  Going to work was going to be tough with kids so she started her search and she found the perfect solution.  She created Six Figure Moms at Home!!

Carrie now is staying at home and working, but she also doing the things she loves which is being a mom first.  She is attending her children's school functions, activities and is sharing and enjoying her children's life's with them.  

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