Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Six Fall Crafts Using Wood, Paint and Some Elbow Grease!!

Fall is here in Texas and its time to start your fall decorations.  I really enjoy this time of year (not as much as the summer) and I love pumpkins.  So, I have hit Pinterest in search for some of my favorite decoration ideas.  Check them out and happy decorating!!

I LOVE these wooden pumpkins.  They are so cute and you can make them with all kinds of extra wood you might have in your shed.  If you are anything like my husband I know you have some extar wood in your storage building right?  Head over to Crafty Chic Mommy and see her step by step instructions.  She has some awesome pictures that give you an idea just how to make these. 

This next idea come from Better Homes and Gardens and is so simple.  All You need is seven pumpkins.  Different color pumpkins is best with a little bit difference in size.  You also have to cut small holes in the bottoms of the pumpkins to remove the stems and this is also how you stack them.  You can use vinal or you can simple paint the letters on each pumpkin and there you go.  A very cute, but easy porch decoration.  

This next idea would be a lot of fun for your kiddos to help out.  And who does not like glitter?  My daughter is into anything that sparkles.  All you need is: 
-Colored glitter (Orange)
-Spray adhesive
-brown craft paint

Check out the full tutorial over at HGTV.  

Now these pumpkins I am seriously going tomorrow to buy the stuff and make them.  I am so excited about these I can hardly sit still.  Happy Life Crafty Wife does such a great job at adding good detail to these pumpkins they really do look like she bought them at a store.  You need for this craft is:

-1 4x4 (cut into 6 pieces)
-orange paint
-brown paint
-wood dowel (hardware store)
-green burlap
-ivory or natural jute cord
-large brown buttons
-jewlery wire (dark brown)
-sand paper
-paint brush

Head over to her site here and check out here turorial on how to make these.  I will let you know how mine turn out.

This next idea can be good for Halloween and into Thanksgiving.  You could put all kind of different things in them to give them a really cute look.  Check these out.

    Over at Choose To Thrive she talks about what types of jars to get and how to take the label off the front totally.  The letters on the front are vinyl.  Perfect for a shelf or a fire place decoration.  

Last BUT not least

I LOVE this idea as well because this could be a really cute teacher gift or a thank you gift.  All you need for this is left over things you have in your storage building.  I LOVE left over stuff because it means its no longer in the storage building.  Find this also over at Naptime Crafting.  You need:

-A left over piece of 2x4
-paint stick
-giant popsickle sticks
-scrapbook paper
-brown ribbon (or any color really)
-yellow paint
-red paint 
-black paint

I am going to be doing this project VERY soon as well.  I know exactly where I can find my left over 2x4. :0)   

Happy crafting and I hope you have a wonderful fall season!! 

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