Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Fun Halloween Treats

Did you know that Halloween is the number 1 decorated holiday in the entire year?  Weird huh?  I think it is the change in season and the cooler weather headed our way (at least here in Texas)!!  I LOVE Halloween parties and all of the deserts that go with them.  So I am putting together a list of awesome fall and Halloween deserts again.  

These would be perfect for a school party or a goodie bag for a teacher to thanks for all they do!! All you need for this easy recipe is:

-Vanilla Frosting
-miniature chocolate chips
-12 large marshmallows
-food coloring
-flaked coconut
-12 chocolate wafers
-peanut butter cups
-Hersey kisses
Check out Buckets of Halloween Ideas for the whole recipe.  She has some other very cute ideas on there to.  

Oh man!! Anything that is a rice krispie treat I am LOVIN it!!  Check out these.  

They are so stinkin cute!!  And these would also make a perfect class party treat!!  Very easy to make and here is all you will need.

-Rice Krispies cereal
-1 bag of marshmallows
-red and yellow food coloring
-10-20 tootsie rolls unwrapped
-powdered sugar
-green food coloring
-chocolate cookies crushed (for dirt in pan)

Please go to Home Stories A to Z to see exactly how she makes these.  I am putting these on my list for sure.  

This next idea can actually be a whole food idea for a classroom fall or Halloween party.

These cute owl cookies would be so easy to make.  All you need is:

Chocolate cupcakes (in brown cupcake wrappers)
-Chocolate frosting
-Oreo cookies
-Reese's pieces candies

This can also be the children's craft to make during the party.  Awesome Idea One Charming Party!!

This next one can be used as a center piece for a party or I thought it would make a cute teacher gift for Halloween.  You can find this idea also at One Charming Party.  

These look so yummy and would be perfect for a Halloween Party as well.  These can be favors or little finger foods for desert.  

  I know right!! They look so good. 

So all you need is:

Vanilla Pudding
-Non-pariels (orange color)
-Crushed oreos
-Tall shot glasses

You can head over to Frog Prince Paperie to see just how she made these.  You can even change the colors up a bit to make them blend in with your holiday theme.  

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