Monday, September 17, 2012

Seven Ways To Make Family Photos Stand Out For The Holidays

Seven ways to make Family Photos Stand out From The Rest

1- Coordinating the Clothing- 
This is so important when headed out to have your family pictures take.  Try and stay away from mixing patterns like strips and crazy designs.  Stick with something that's solid but mix it up a little.  Karen Beyer Photography has some awesome ideas and photo fashion guides

Also check out Fayths Fashion on Life.  I LOVE neutral colors for fall pictures.  

Try staying with clothes in the fall that are neutral like Beige's, Browns, Whites, khakis, and Jeans.  This way the colors in the background of your pictures really pop.  

Stick with some thing like this to

Also Robbie G Photography has some excellent examples.  They have all kinds of examples with many different color schemes.  Please, please please, if you have questions about what to wear go check out their site here.    

2- Keeping It Casual-  
Keeping it casual means your kids do not have to be cranky also.  Men and kids usually do not like going to get their pictures taken so do not make it super dressy.  Jeans for men are good with a button up or a polo.  

3- Time of Day-  
The best of time of day for pictures is in the early morning or the late afternoons.  Overcast days are also great days to take photographs because the light is actually just right (even though these are not my personal favorite days).  

4- Getting Close to Those You Love- 
 Fall time is usually cold anyway so get close to those you love and get cozy in family pictures. 

5- Think Outside The Box
Standard poses are always nice and make great Christmas cards but so do funny one's.  If you have children try something new or add something that makes the picture funny.  This will not only be great for memories, but others will get a kick out of this picture when they receive it in their mail box. 

6- Collage Making is Always a Success
Collages are always cute and a great way to show many photographs at one time.  You can also have them personalized and you can use them as Christmas cards.  Saves money and time!!   

7- Be Creative
I LOVE using hats on kids in fall photographs or during Christmas.  It gives such humor to the pictures.  You can match them or change it up a bit and give it some humor.  Here are some examples of some different types of hats.  


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