Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Awesome Fall Wreaths

Fall is just around the corner and everyone needs a fall wreath on their door.  I have a few awesome tutorials to share with you all that will help you make that perfect wreath on a budget.  Check out these below.  

This tutorial over at Home Stories A to Z is awesome.  she has posted a video and step by step instructions.  All you need for this wreath is:

-Wreath Form
-Felt of fleece
-embelishments of any kind
-glue gun

Tater Tots And Jello also has an awesome tutorial.  I am not very good at sewing anything, but this one actually looks pretty simple.  I love this website and everything they do just rocks.  You need a little more supplies but go take a look.  Too cute!!

Anything with ribbon and I love it.  Check out IDS Craft Project and check out the Ribbon Wreath for fall.  This would be so easy to ake it for any holiday season.  She even bought her ribbon from the dollar tree and saved a bunch of money on ribbon.  Go check it out for your self.  

Over at Where The Heart Is there is a great DIY Burlap wreath tutorial.  All you need for this is:
-Coat Hangers
-Some ribbon for your bow on top.

I found this next wreath and you can actually purchase it over at Etsy for only $58.00.  I LOVE the colors they used in this one and it would even be super cute if you hung it in your home during the fall season.  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these wreaths.  Its going to be very hard for me to choose which ones I would like to try first.  Which ones are your favorite?  

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Tulip TrueAim said...

The one with the wood that you can purchase is amazing! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

Yes, I love this one to. I went to Hobby Lobby today and looked at different wreath ideas. More coming soon!! Thanks for stopping by.

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