Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entryway Project

We are currently doing some different things around our home and this was the first project on our list.... or my husbands list!  I found this idea on Pinterest.  This is what my version looks like.  

I LOVE this new piece of organization in my home.  I have always had a hard time figuring out where to put the back packs and jackets when my kiddos get home from school.  They always would just sit on my furniture somewhere.  Now they are out of the way and looking good.  I had to change my deminsions a little from the tutorial I found on Casa de Lewis.  But her's is super cute to and gave me some great inspiration.  I still have some things to add but its a work in progress.    

This is my wonderful husband making this awesome project.  He can literally make anything.  

And here it is again.  I LOVE this.  Go over to Case de Lewis to see hers and check out the step by step tutorial here.

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Crystal said...

Y'all did such a great job on this! Love it.
Have James come and build one at my house.

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

I LOVE this that he built. It really helps me with all of the stuff the kids bring home from school every day.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Need to do this to contain all the items that come in with the kids. Our stuff usually ends up on the floor, which drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome!! Great job! :)

Meg Hodson said...

Visiting from the Made in a Day link party. Your newest follower via GFC and Twitter.

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone.

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