Thursday, April 12, 2012

Texas Bluebonnet Pictures!!

Oh how I LOVE bluebonnets.  I just think they are so pretty and it means summer is on it's way.  I recently went out to take photographs of my own kiddos in the bluebonnets because, well I have been busy taking everyone else's photographs, my kids have had no pictures at all.  My sister-in-law Alex cam with and I got some photographs of her kids and her sisters kids also.  Let me tell you, they all were so funny and everyone of them are so cute.  

This is Mason.  He has the bluest eyes and I just love his ears.  

This is Mason and Morgan and they are brothers.  

All of these kids are on my sister-in-laws side of the family.

This is Jack and he is something else.  

This is Mason and Morgans other brother, Isaac.  He loves all of his brothers and is a great big brother!!

This is my oldest, Troy and he is getting so big! Such a handsome young man he is becoming!!

These are my two boys, Wyatt and Troy and let me tell ya... these two can get into a lot of trouble together!!  This picture says it all.

This is my sweet Wyatt.  He is getting so big.  He just turned three and has a heart as big as the sun.

I hardly have any pictures with all three of my kiddos and I just love this one.  Stay tuned for something fun that I am going to do with this photograph.

My sweet Wyatt again!

This is my beautiful daughter, Gracie.  I just love her so much!

Ms. attitude!!  

My three awesome kiddos.  These kids are my world.

This is Skyler, my sister-in-laws sisters little girl.  (hope that makes sense)

He is so silly!!!

I just love this picture of Morgan.  Look at his little teeth!!

This is baby Ella.  She was something else.  Her and her mom and brother Jack flew from out of state that morning and she was so tired.  But she hated the grass and flowers.  She is a princess and princesses do not like the grass!!

I love this picture!!

She was perfect when I took her pictures.  She would stand exactly where I told her to stand.

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