Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out With The Old, In With The New.

Jonathan Stickland for State House of Representatives Texas District 92!

I had the privilege this past Monday to take photographs of a good old friend of mine from high school.  He now has a beautiful family, two sweet little girls that have a smile worth a million dollars and a very loving wife!  What you might not know about Jonathan Stickland is he is running for State House of Representatives Texas District 92 and is a Conservative Christian Republican.  His views are simple, limited Government, transparency and limiting regulation.  

He knows that our country is hurting economically and believes we the people can pull ourselves out of this with more job opportunities.  

Family is everything to Jonathan.  Protecting the rights of your children and their future is a major responsibility to him.  He does not want our federal deficit to continue to grow larger year by year nor does he believe we should be relying on the Government in our daily lives.  

Not only is Jonathan doing awesome in his campaign, but he is going by it using the grassroots system.  He takes time out of his families life and goes door to door informing the citizens in District 92 what he stands for.  He is not making broken promises, but is educating individuals on where he stands and what he wants to change.  

I am glad I know Jonathan.  We need more individuals like him to fix what is wrong with our Government and our Nation.  Jonathan is a breath of fresh air in the world we live in today.  I have to say as a friend, I am proud of what he stands for.  He is a great man, dad, husband and friend.  

If you all are worried about where our nation is headed I encourage you to check out his website at or you can find him on Facebook as well at where you can track his progress but also educate yourself on his views and ideas for this Nation.  

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