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Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving in the Blogging World

In this post I am going to be talking about the difference in critical thinking and creative problem solving.  One thing I love about the blogging world is the huge amount of creativity out there.  People are using their blogs for crafts, homeschooling ideas, businesses, but we are all here for one purpose; to get out or creativity for all to see.  

First we are going to talk a little about creative problem solving and how it can effect the blogging world.  With creative problem solving this is an approach to solving a problem or a challange but in a very imaginative and innovative way.  This is sort of a tool that helps people re-define the problems they are facing, come up with a break through idea and finally take action on these ideas.  

When one decides if they want to start a blog they are wanting to take this avenue for a reason.  It could be several reasons or one in particular.  For me, it was to promote my business in photography.  When I got started bloggin I realized that there is so much more then just promoting my business.  I can basically talk about whatever I want to on my own blog.  There are several steps in Creative Problem Solving.  These six steps are broken down into three stages.  

Explore the challange consists of:

Objective finding-  Object finding opens the door for a wish or a goal you might have.  This step might help open the door for using the whole Creative Problem Solving Process.

Fact Finding- To start up a blog and enter the bloggin world we must asses and review all of the data that relates to your goal.  You need to know who is involved, what's involved, when, where and why your blog is important.  Make a list of all of these things so that you know the best route to go and there will be no big issues you will face.  Once you have all of your date and have concered all of it you can then begin to innovate your blogging website.  Below is a short list of things you might want to think about when starting your own blog. 

-The name of your blog
-Purchasing the URL from
-Figure out who you want your blog through (Word Press, Blogger)
-Who is going to create your blog?  (Custom Blog Designs)
-More importantly, what are you going to blog about?  (Business, crafts, mommy solutions, DYI, homeschooling ideas, teacher tools, government and law) or something new and exciting?
-Do you have a logo?

Problem Finding-  You are now going to explore the facts and date to find any and all problems with your idea or challanges that might come your way.  If there are road blocks, try and work around these to figure out a solution to your wonderful ideas.  In the blogging world, if you are new to it, there are many things you may not know about it all.  Talk with someone who has been blogging and can give you an idea of how it all works before you jump out there and start on your own.

Generate Ideas-

Idea Finding-  With this you are brainstorming your ideas, but you are also trying to thinking of wild, out of the box ideas that no one else has thought of.  You want you rblog to be fun, so stretch your ideas so that you are coming up with new and fun ideas.  Take risks and try new combinations.  You might suprise yourself.  

Prepare For Action-

Solution Finding-  Choose the best idea that you have thought of and researched.  Strengthen and improve these ideas by doing some research, talking to friends and family and trying them out.  The best idea you choose needs to meet the criteria that makes it actionable before it becomes the solution.  

Acceptance Finding-  I think everyone wants to know that their idea is going to be accepted before they jump out there with their new idea.  Look at what needs to be do by when and what resources are available for this idea to work.  Last finalize your idea and make it happen.  

My idea happened last year thanks to my friends and family who supported me.  Check out my full blog at

Critical Thinking When Starting Your Blog:

Now we are going to talk about Critical thinking and how this process can help you get going with your blog.  There are six steps in critical thinking to truly feel confident in your idea you are about to embark on.  These are:

Rationality- With this step we are relying on reason rather than emotion.  Are you starting a blog to tell about your life story?

Self-awareness- Weigh the influences you might have with motives and bias.  Also recognize our own assumptions or point of view.  

Honesty- You have to recognize emotional impulses and motives.  Why are you wanting to do this blog?  Make sure it is for the correct reason.  

Open-mindedness-  Evaluate all reasonable inferences, consider viewpoints and other opinions, remain open and do not reject unpopular views.  These might be the ideas that are the best for your blog.

Discipline-  Make sure you are precise and comprehensive.  Avoid making rational decisons and make sure you are thinking this all out.  You might not like something as simple as the design of your blog if you are making impulse decisions.  

Judgement-  Recognize the extent and weight of the evidence at hand.  If something does not look right, then its probablly not right so dont go with it.  

Both of these steps are wonderful steps to take when creating your blog.  Remember there is so much going into your blog when you are starting this process.  Your blog is a model of who you are and what you are wanting your readers to know about who you are.  Take in mind your design and dont make impulse decisions when it comes to this.  

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