Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Trip to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

So I had the honor and privelage in going to the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament show this past Friday.  Let me tell you I was so excited!!

My sister-in-law over at Crystal and Comp got to go with three of her boys as well so we all went and sat together.  She will be writing about her story soon so go check it out.  

So we went to the Dallas Show on November 4th and they are rolling out a completely new show along with an upgraded menu.  I remember going when I was a kid and this menu was so yummy.  I left there and I was stuffed, seriously.  

The Feast was so yummy.  It included:
-Tomato Bisque
-Bread with olive oil
-Oven Roasted Chicken
-Larger BBQ Spare Rib
Herb-basted Potato Split into Two Quarters
-Spiced Carrot
-Braided Apple Strudel
Large Beverage and Coffee

And do not forget, there are no utensil for this meal.  Thats the fun part!!

Our knight for the evening was the Blue knight... He did not win, but totally should have.  He was

He gave Gracie a flower during the show and she was soooo.... excited.  She love it.

All of the kiddos got their face painted as well, which they really enjoyed.  They did all of this before the show.  

Here is pictures of everyone getting their faces painted.  
 This is Nicky, my sister-in-laws little boy.

This is Luke, my sister-in-laws other little boy.

This is Troy.. he belongs to me. 

And this is my Gracie Girl.

Now on to the show...

After the opening, guests will witness intricate battles that are precisely planned sequences that have been practiced daily. Director of stunt choreography Tim Baker began developing the fight sequences shortly after Cordner started writing the new script.
With authentic weaponry and enhanced armor, the new production presents non-stop action tied to the tempo of the music. And while there’s still a general theme of “good versus evil” throughout the show, guests will see much more of what they like most about the show – fights scenes that maintain the highest quality and safety standards.

You can by tickets at the door, online at www.medievaltimes.com, or by calling 1-888-WE-Joust.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.  

We all had a BLAST.  Anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area should totally go out there and check this show out.  I had a blast and so did all of my children.  

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Crystal said...

Blue Knight!

We had so much fun. And look at the smile on Garrett's face. :)

(And little Gracie Girl picking her nose in the background. Love her- certainly my brother's child.)

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