Friday, October 7, 2011

New Addition: Storage Building

Okay so... the home that my husband and our three kids lives in is well... let say... 
TO SMALL!!  But we are having to work with what we have for now until I finish school and this crazy market gets back to where it needs to be.  

So... we only have a one car garage and right now... things like the mower, four wheeler, yard tools, craft things, as well as whatever else we can find to put in there, well yes... this is where it all goes. 

Everything that has no place finds its way into our garage.  I never thought I was going to be one of "those" people but lets face it, I have!! 

Below is a picture of what our garage looks like right now!!

Yeah... Thats what I said.  You can hardly walk in the garage at all.

And more...

This is all of James' tools and things.  Every time we start a new project he thinks he needs some other expensive tool.  I do not even think he knows what all he has out in this garage.  

So.... We came up with this idea!! Or maybe my husband did...  I just climbed the later twice and made him something to drink.  Not done yet, but thats where all of that crap is going to go and it will be organized!!

This is my handsome husband working hard.  

Now since that mess you saw in the pictures before of the mess in the garage are going out and in that new storage building my wonderful husband is making I have decided I am going to make ME a space.

Yes, ME!!!  I would like to have a craft area and it does not have to be the whole garage just a little section of it.  

So, I have been looking at ideas.... And I have found a lot of really cute things and ideas.  below are some of the ideas I have been thinking of.  

I found this cute idea at Sew Many Ways.  She has a lot of other really cute ideas but I do not have as much space as she does. 

I am in LOVE with this Craft Table that I found over at Home Shopping Spy.

I also, really like the table I found at Dizzy Maiden.  I am in need of a large table like this one so I can do all of my larger crafts on and they don't have to sit on my kitchen table like they do right now.

We have not made it to the craft room part yet, but we are getting there.  If anyone has any great craft room ideas for a garage then please, pass them on to me.  I would love to hear all the wonderful ideas.

I will post pictures later when we get the storage building finished and the garage cleaned out.  How exciting.  

3 Compliments:

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Hi there,
What?! You are such a lucky girl! I neeeed this :) And those craft rooms are dreamy!

Fancy frugal Life

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

I am so excited to get it all finished I can hardly wait. Every girl needs a craft room right? Thanks for stopping by.

Kristy said...

Very exciting!! My hubby built me a desk using a door (get it..craftin' on my door?!). We bought jet max cubes at Michaels, then placed the door on top of the cubes. He screwed plexiglass onto the top and attached the door to the wall with L brackets. Pretty cost effective (if you use coupons at M's) and make a BIG long desk! ;)

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