Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Emotional Moment

So, as some of you all know this blog has only been around since August and SOOO many things have happened that have been so exciting.  

My sister-in-law, Crystal has a wonderful blog over at Crystal and Comp and she is the one who really got me started with my own blog.  Not only am I a photographer but I am a mommy and she has really showed me that a blog is a really cool place to share all of your wonderful ideas.  

She has really been my inspiration through all of this and when I found myself lost in this big world of blogging, she was there to keep pushing me to succeed.  

As you know I am a local photographer in my area and I have had a lot of people contact me and love what I am doing.  There are literally new changes everyday. 

I am very excited to announce that I now am the proud owner of studio equipment, which I am REALLY excited about.  

Above all, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of me and my dreams.  Without those certain people in my life all of this would not have been possible.  My family, friends and yes two wonderful sister-in-laws have been my rock and my support.  I truly thank you all!!

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The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! that is wonderful news! my wish for you is that ALL your dreams come true!!!!

Crystal said...

1) you have 32 followers now. how awesome is that!? :)

2) you have photography equipment? way cool! blogging is really going to help your photography grow locally, i promise.

3) it has been fun to share blogging insight with you. it has taken me a very long time to grow my site. i have taken the long way around and it was hard finding veteran bloggers to advise me the first couple of years. i have loved sharing tips and tricks with you that i wish someone had shared with me when my site was new. in one month, your site has grown to views that literally took me two years to get to. it has been fun to see you reach goals and grow!

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

Thanks Andrea... Me too.

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