Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Teacher gift ideas

This project is super fun and easy.  You could easily make this for a teachers gift, for mother's day, or even a birthday gift to someone special.  First you need 1 can from a canned food can you have in your pantry.  You peel the wrapping off of the front of it till it is clean and simple like the one in the picture below.  You will also need rubber bands.  Smaller ones work better, but you don't want them to little. 


Then you need 50 colored pencils.  As seen in the picture you simple put the rubber band around the can and then slide one colored pencil at a time into the rubber band so that it stays attached to the can.  You do this until the pencils go all around the can and you can no longer see any of the can.  50 pencils should be perfect for 2 of these projects.  

Below is what this should look like. 

Now you simply take some ribbon of whatever color and tie it around the pencils where the rubber band was so that you are covering it up with the ribbon.  Tie a bow and add some flowers.  

And this is what you come up with.  This project is simple, easy, and cheap.  This gift will surly make whoever smile.  

Supplies needed:
Colored map pencils
Rubber bands
canned good can
flowers of your choice

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