Monday, August 8, 2011

Burleson Senior, Class of 2011

Millions of Senior's graduate every year from thousands of schools all over the United States.  This young man is one of the most level headed Seniors I think that I have ever met.  I have had the privalage of knowing his family these past few years and I am very glad to have meet all of them.  They are truly wonderful, soft hearted people.  

Andrew and his sister Allison have a very special bond and relationship.  Their relationship reminds me a lot of my cousin and I's relationship growing up.  A bond between a brother and sister is such a special bond and I do believe that these two will always have that special relationship.  

Andrew works at a church here in Burleson and he is also very involved in his own church.  Andrew plans on attending a community college in the area and I know he will do great things in his life.  Congrats on your graduation Andrew and enjoy your next step your life.  Its going to be an exciting ride!  

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crazyhugginglady said...

Lynn these pictures are amazing. You do a great job and I am so excited for you in your new adventure!

Pink Umbrella Photography said...

Thank you Suzanne!! I appreciate it a lot.

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