Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Happiest Happy Place

I always talk about how life does not seem to slow down or wait for you to figure out your next step.  You just seem to have to roll with what comes your way.  My parents are big at planning.  Figuring out their next move.  If something happens what are they going to do about it before it ever happens kinda people.  Even though this is how they function... I do not.  I cannot stress over things that are out of my control and I feel like I have for the most part always lived my life this way. 
Until now. 
Until the last seven months have been crazy and swirling out of control. 
This past weekend I took the kids to the lake.  It was Labor Day weekend and like most holidays growing up, the lake is where we were. 
I have gotten away from the lake this past summer.  But coming back and being at the lake and with my kids and family is the best place on earth. 
I mean look at this view.

Family has always been very important to me.  I come from a smaller extended family.  I have no blood related siblings. 
I do however have a cousin.  We have been close for s long as I can remember.  He is closer to me than any brother ever could be.  And he has 2 kiddos that I adore.  They have moved a few hours away from us now, but when I do get to see them I spend as much time as I can with those precious kids of theirs.  I love them with all of my heart.
This first picture is of their oldest Raylee and myself.  She calls me Aunt Lynn and it just makes my heart melt into a puddle.  She is a silly little girl.  

This is Gracie my daughter with Ramsey their youngest.  I am called the baby whisper because she is one tough little lady to get to sleep.  I guess after having 3 kiddos myself putting another baby to sleep seems to be a cinch.  

If its one thing that I have learned is this... There is something about being at the lake.  My kids feel it, I feel it.  And its not just any lake.... Its this lake.  Possum Kingdom is where I grew up.  Its where my kids have grown up.  Its where I hope their kids, kids grow up. 

For some reason, it does not matter what is going on in my life at the time when I am at the lake.  Its the one place that makes the most sense.  Its the one place that feels like home even if I haven't been there in months.  Just sitting there and looking out at the lake helps me remember just how lucky I am, even if at that moment I don't feel so lucky. 
I look at my kids and see how happy they are.  I see their innocence.  I see their smiles.  And in that moment I know that when I am at the lake with my friends, family and kids that this is my happiest happy place.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How Do Kids See God?

God has been the talk in our house lately.  My kiddos recently went to Vacation Bible School at the church in our town.  They have asked a ton of very in depth questions about God and Jesus as well as the differences.

My oldest is very smart and    knowledgeable about the bible.  He knows more about the stories and the deep thoughts then I ever did at that age.  On Wednesday of last week, Troy my oldest said "mommy, I think I want to get saved."  And I was excited by this conversation.  I asked him of course why he wanted to make this decision for himself and he at first didn't really have a clear answer as to why. 

"Troy, you need to understand why you want to be saved before you make a decision like that," I   responded back.  He then said that its because he wants to accept Jesus into his heart. 

This was a much better answer than the first and it warmed my heart. 

I was in about the seventh grade when I decided to get saved, so him really understanding and being able to explain it to me at the ago of ten is awesome. 

The next day, he returned from Vacation Bible School and told me he made the decision to get saved today.  I was beyond excited for him. 

We then discussed being baptized some and I explained to him it was not something he had to run off and do right away.  Being baptized too is a huge decision and he needs to make sure he is ready for that when he decides. 

What warms my heart about this is God has always been in our home and our family.  My children have always attended mother's day out and pre-k at this church in our town.  They have always known that God is important and needs to be in our lives, but knowing that my oldest son who is only ten years of age understands Jesus and his word to the point he wants to accept him into his life fills my heart with Joy. 

There is still a ton they do not understand, especially the two youngest children.  But being a parent is tough.  There are a lot of decisions I have made lately that I have struggled with.  Now knowing that I have done something right in their lives is so very rewarding to as well as a reminder. Not only is having God in their lives so important, them understanding why its important themselves is one of the biggest accomplishments a parents can have. 

The two youngest ones will become more knowledgeable with time just like their big brother has.  But as for now, Wyatt will continue to pray for cheese burgers raining from the sky. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life is Moving To Fast These Days

Sometimes life is funny.  Sometimes what you think is going to happen in your life suddenly takes a crazy turn of events.

It has been a while since I have posted on here.  Life gets in the way.  Its doesn't seem to slow up at all for anything.  We all seem to get caught up in life.  Maybe we don't slow down for the important things or maybe we miss the important things because we are just so caught up in the unimportant things.

If its one thing that I have learned in this life is that my kiddos are my life.  My kids teach me so much every single day on this earth.  They teach me how to be strong, courageous, loving, caring, funny and they prevent me from never giving up on life itself.

These three kids love me unconditionally because I am there mom.  I may mess up or make mistakes but they love me because I am special to them.  They each have such different personalities.  

Troy is strong and stubborn.  He is a lot like myself.  I see a lot of Troy in me.  He is strong willed and tough.  He is so very smart and doesn't ever want to give up.  He has come such a long way in school.  It has not been easy for him by any means but he gives it his all most of the time and pushes through.  If he keeps pushing through he will do great things in his life time when he gets older.  I always say how awesome he is at baseball.  Maybe I am biased, but when he is out there on that field its just so natural to him.  

Gracie is so very smart.  It just comes so easy to her.  School was never super easy to me like it is her.  She contemplates things at her age that I never dreamed of.  She loves her brothers with all of her heart and they mean the world to her.  She is athletic and strong.  She never gives up and she always pushes through.  I love watching everything she does.  It makes me proud to call her my daughter.  

Wyatt is something else.  I always give him a hard time about his attitude or the way he handles situations.  But lets be real here, he is my baby boy.  I was looking at videos of him the other day and he was just so sweat.  That smile of his would melt anyones heart and then some.  He is very loving and just wants to do everything correctly.  When he gets in trouble and I'm disappointed he is disappointed in himself.  He wants to be just like his older brother and looks up to him in every way possible.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Ten Easter Crafts!

Easter is on its way and with Easter comes Spring.  I LOVE Spring, way better than winter.  

Easter is an exciting holiday in my family.  There are a ton of little ones and seeing them all dressed up is always fun.  

I have made a list of Easter crafts.  These are mixed with kid friendly crafts as well as fun things for those crafty moms to do.  

 This craft is super cute for all ages.  Its also easy and cheap which is a plus.  Head over to Spoonful to see the supply list and instructions. 

  This next craft is super cute as well.  Love how they use the window to see the different colors.  This is something you could do as a craft for a school party and decorate with it at home.  LOVE!  

Over at Better Homes and Gardens I found this idea for decoration and fun.  This idea has a simple craft list and one of those is water balloons.  Check out the how to now.  

This is so cheap and fun.  Plus you can always use the Easter eggs if you ever decide you want something different on your mantel.  Check out the tutorial over at Eclectically Vintage!

Painting Easter eggs are my favorite.  My kids love this to. I tend to like the bright colors so this idea is perfect.  Its really easy.  Head over to Spoonful to see the supply list.  

This idea is simple but cute.  You can put a string on the back and make it a little bunny basket to carry candy.  I found this idea over at Lushome and I just love it.  She has easy directions as well. 

Bunny Eggs-

These little bunny eggs are to cute.  Your little ones could do this instead of coloring the eggs.  Mix it up a little bit.  I found this idea over at Serenity Assisted Living.  Super cuter and fun.

I LOVE decorating now that we have moved into our house.  This garland idea is super cute and fun.  I just wish I could actually sew.  Check it out over at Nana Company.  She even has the templates for the cute little carrot, chick and Easter egg on the garland.  

Here is another different type of garland I thought was so cute and different.  All you need is some modge podge and water balloons and of course some yarn.  You can get the yarn in whatever colors you would like.  I found this over at Mod Podge Rocks.  

This next idea makes a fun activity for you kiddos but also is a fun decoration you can use around your house or as a center piece on your kitchen table.  I love this idea because the kids can help do these.  
I found this idea over at Inspired Parenting Tips.  Check it out for the full tutorial. 

I hope you enjoyed these fun Easter crafts.  Now I have the itch to make something.  Happy Easter!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sweet Little Babies Girls Make The World Go Round

I heart these sweet girls.  They were so well behaved and this precious baby girl was so sweet!!  She did awesome for her first photo shoot. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Christmas Special Information, Dates, Times and Locations

This year Pink Umbrella Photography is only offering two special dates for Holiday photographs.  Due to my tight schedule this is really all I can handle.  If you need to schedule a customized family session that is described below, please get with me as soon as you can, my dates are very limited.  

Christmas specials are as follows: 

October 12: Alvarado location (barns, pond, old rail cars, fields, porches etc)
Times listed below.  All payments are due at time of signing up.


November 3: Trinity park (park, picnic blanket, trees, railroad tracks)
Times are listed below.  All payments are due at time of signing up.


Christmas minis will be November 17th. These are themed for kids only.  This year the theme will be Hot Coco Stand.  These are $50.00 each and are 20 minutes.  You will receive up to 12 photographs on a disc, edited with the copyright.  Times for these are listed below.  All payments are due at time of signing up.  

More times may be added if enough people sign up.

If you have any questions please contact me directly.  Thanks!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

My son teaches me more about Baseball than I Ever Imagined.

If its one thing that I have learned through several seasons of baseball already with my now nine year old son, is that baseball comes with A LOT of drama.  We have been dealt our hand of bad teams with bad coaching, but we have also had some okay teams with some great coaching.  Troy has learned a lot already and he amazes me at how much he loves the game of baseball already at his young age.  This fall we are on the Texas Rampage Elite Team.  Its a new team, so with that comes some much needed learning from all players and so forming as a team.  

This season is also the very first year of kid pitch.  I cannot hardly believe that he is already in kid pitch and after watching the first two kid pitch games yesterday I have to say, I am missing coach pitch.... just a little bit.  Look at this stud right here. 

He had some adjusting to batting against a real pitcher actually trying to get you out and he was a little nervous I think... even though he would never tell me he was. 

There was a lot of base running and stealing which none of these boys are use to, but that part was so exciting to watch.  

And he did finally get the hang of batting against a real live pitcher.  He struck out his first at bat but then got on base every time after, so I think he is starting to feel a little bit better about everything. 

And then there came the pitching.  I knew during one of these two games he would pitch but I think I was more nervous for him then he was.  

He has been seeing a pitching coach for most of the summer and he has really been doing great with it. I thought the pressure of being a pitcher was to much for Troy because he wants to be perfect at everything he does, but he seemed to handle it well.  He didn't like being pulled out, but that is the name of the game.

He did so awesome.  I was truly proud of him. e had two strike outs and had no wild pitches.  All of his pitches were either strikes, outside or inside a little, but never had a wild pitch.  

He was truly amazing.  I was so proud of him and how well he was doing.  

One thing that I have learned from watching my son play baseball since he was so little at the age of three, is that baseball should not be a competition between parents for the best spot on the team.  As a parent its hard to not get wrapped up in wanting your child to be on the best team, with the best coaches and the best players, with the best winning record.  But I am okay with my son not being the best baseball player.  He is an awesome player, he has some flaws, but more importantly he is having fun and learning more and more about the love of the game.  He reminds me so much of the player I was when I was younger and I just hope that he plays many more years to come, but more importantly I love to see him doing what he loves and that's playing baseball.